The Gaudium School, Hyderabad hosted the PYP SAIBSA Job Alike Sessions 2020 on Saturday, 1st February on its main campus.

There were 9 job alike sessions in the morning and afternoon lead by experienced IB teachers and coordinators from India and outside.

16 schools and 300 participants from Hyderabad, Mumbai and Bangladesh attended the job alike sessions.

The key note speaker for the day was, Mrs. Anureet Sethi and Ms. Arushi Sethi, Founder Director Trijog – Know Your Mind, Mumbai). They share their views and strategies for enhancing Teaching of socio emotional learning & self-management skills.

The opening address by the Director of The Gaudium School, Mrs. Kirthi Reddy, reiterated the firm belief that all progress and grow when we collaborate and share our best practices. Mr. Kaiser Dopaishi, President SAIBSA welcomed all the participates and encouraged them to share, connect and collaborate.

Mr. Vinayak Sudhakar, IB Business Development & Recognition Manager, South India connected with all the participants through Skype to share IB updates and congratulated the school and the participants for their efforts of coming together to share.

The goal was to provide an opportunity for experienced/new teachers, coordinators, vice principals and principals from IB PYP schools to get together to share good teaching practices, teaching ideas, their expertise, and explore issues/challenges relevant to the country or region and to share strategies and solutions. The job alike sessions for IB practitioners were enriched through their sharing and provided an opportunity to strengthen and deepen their understanding of shared IB philosophy.

The event came to a close with Mr. Kaiser proposing the vote of thanks and facilitating all the presenters from different IB schools and participants. He thanked the school management and all the people involved in ensuring that the SAIBSA was a great success.


Some highlights: