A guest speaker can be a great tool to offer a new perspective and a better learning experience for the students. It provides the opportunity to interact with professionals and get an insight about the concept from their real-life experiences. While inquiring into various forms of art, the geckos delved further to explore how we express ourselves. On 4th February 2020 (Friday), a guest talk was arranged at the Multi-Purpose Hall, where our drama facilitator, Mr. Sandeep helped children brainstorm about what do we express. The geckos were excited and were eagerly sharing their views with full enthusiasm. The interaction led to answers like feelings and emotions. Further, our guest speaker gave some clues and provoked the geckos to share their views on how they express their feelings and emotions. The geckos participated actively to share their learning and were able to come up with keywords such as “expression” and “body”. Throughout the guest talk Mr. Sandeep displayed several expressions and body gestures as instances to support their understanding. He also showed a hand gesture as a signal to be quiet and asked the geckos to observe and respond to the gesture. Through this, the geckos were able to connect that we express ourselves using facial expressions and bodily gestures. At the end of the talk, the children were given various scenarios and were asked to express it using body gestures and expressions. The geckos exhibited their creativity and presented the scenarios with their own expressions, very confidently. It was a fun and refreshing session for our tiny tots with great provocations and beautiful learning.


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