Education is the shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students, and enthusiastic parents with high expectations. Parent-teacher relationship and cooperation is an important factor in a student’s quality learning and self-development.

The three C’s in a constructive parent-teacher partnership are communication, consistency, and collaboration.  The collaboration will be easier if communication is frequent, and we consistently create opportunities for a child’s learning. A collaborative, cooperative partnership focuses on specific, positive strategies to help the child achieve the best of his or her potential. Planning and problem-solving are forms of collaboration and will be especially important when the child needs extra support to reach a goal.  Making an effort to understand the teachers’ goals and expectations for the child, and letting the teachers know about the parents’ goals mutually eases the process. Communicating how a teacher can be a partner to help the child achieve them, provides immense confidence in parents that their child can overcome the challenges.

Con-connect after Pre-Board 2 Examinations for Cambridge International Grade 10 students, on 23rd January, has provided a similar platform for parents where detailed feedback on strengths and weakness of the child in each subject was discussed. Though it is a virtual platform, it paved the way for parents and teachers to share insights and information for the holistic development of the child. In short:  Children are the priority; Change is the reality and Collaboration is the strategy.


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