Gaudium Sportopia in association with Pullela Gopichand Badminton Academy (PGBA) organized a grand Junior Badminton League on the premises of Sportopia. The tournaments took off on 4th February and continued till 6th February 2021.

The event was meticulously planned and preparations were undertaken for the last three months which resulted in the smooth execution of the 3-day event. The Junior Badminton League gave the players experience of professional badminton leagues such as the Premier Badminton League (PBL). The tournament showcased the young badminton talents from both the academies who had been training to put their best foot forward especially for this League. This wonderful association between PGBA and Sportopia has given an opportunity for the players to train together at both venues on many occasions. The players found this Junior Badminton League as a good platform to gauge their strengths and areas of improvement. Game for these participants was not only about winning for themselves but they also understood their responsibility as a teammate and the coordination that is required when it comes to playing with someone alongside. During these times of the pandemic, when children have limited scope to shine with no tournaments conducted, this Junior Badminton League gave them the thrust to bounce into competitions, train hard and prove themselves.

There were 136 singles and 64 doubles matches conducted during the three days of the tournament. The players were divided into four teams and displayed exemplary performance and strong competitiveness as they passionately participated and did their best for their teams. The teams were Rising Star, Aqua Fighters, Thunderbolts and Power Rangers. The winner of the League was Rising Star, with Aqua Fighters coming up in the second position, Power Rangers in the third position and Thunderbolts in the fourth position.


Some highlights: