At all levels of sporting activity, it’s critical that team members create a bond and work towards one goal. The way an individual interacts with another player can influence and impact a team’s performance and overall success. This essentially is our central idea which emphasizes on the need for cooperation.

Our PSPE team planned an elaborate session of fun-filled team activities, which allowed our geckos to experience the need for co-operation to achieve the set goal.

The games organized were as follows

  • Balloon Tapping : The team had to remain within a specified boundary and ensure that the balloon does not touch the ground or fly out of the boundary line. This activity required that the players handle the balloon delicately and communicate well within the group to reach the goal.
  • Tug of war: The age old game which requires the unison of the entire team to defeat the opponent.
  • Crossing the river: The teams are provided with two mats each. Using these two mats the teams have to ensure that they reach the other end without any of the players stepping off the mats. This activity requires all the team members to understand and work according to a pre-decided plan. All of them have to be very careful as the mistake of one player can cost the entire team to miss the target.
  • Hoop passing: In this game the team has to move the hoop from one end to another without using the palms forming chains. This activity demands agility and flexibility apart from team work and co-ordination.
  • Relay race: This game requires that each player gives his/her 100% to ensure that the team does well. It also requires a perfect co-ordination while exchanging the baton. Even if the co-ordination goes amiss by a whisker the baton falls off and this could cost the team the game.

After taking turns to play each of the team games our geckos had a task of making challenging formations. Majority of the geckos chose to build the pyramid formation and within just 5mins they strategized, co-ordinated and beautifully executed their plans. It was a treat to watch them in action.

Special thanks to the PSPE team Mr. Venu Gopal, Mr. Srinivas, Mr. Prasad, Ms. Priya, Mr. Venkat and Mr. Ali for making this event possible and a big hit among our geckos.


Some highlights: