Grade3 had a guest lecture on measurements and its importance in our daily life by Mr. Rajesh, our School engineer. Geckos had prior knowledge about “role of measurement in our daily life”. The importance of measurements in daily life and its applications were discussed with our Geckos, who appreciated its importance and participated in these discussions with enthusiasm.

With this, Geckos could understand not only the importance of measurement but also the use of measurements in our day to day life and commercial sectors. This was explained with the help of some examples such as; measurement of the distance travelled by a vehicle using an odometer, measurement of dimensions of a room using a tape, and measurement of their heights using a tape, etc. Further, Mr. Rajesh also discussed with them how the engineers have constructed our school building using measurements and surveying.

Our engineer explained the Geckos how they took measurements of the total land in order to plan the appropriate position to construct PP block, Principal block and our new block. During this discussion, Geckos mentioned about the total land area of 27acres of our school. The engineer explained that after taking land measurements, they approached an architect who provided the drawings of the structures, which gave a clear view of dimensions of rooms to be taken for construction of the building. He added that dimensions given in the drawings are to be followed by site engineers during the construction and that usually these measurements are taken in either metric or in foot system. Our enthusiastic Geckos raised the following questions:

Gecko: Can we measure land using a big scale of 30cm?

Engineer: Yes, we can, but we calculate it in foot and 1foot = 30.48centimetres

Gecko: Can we measure dimensions of our green board?

Engineer’s Demo: Our engineer called the Geckos and showed them the appropriate position to catch the tape in order to see the measurements of the green board in the class.

Gecko: If we construct a wall beyond the dimensions given in blue print, then do we have to remove such structure?

Engineer: Yes, we have to remove such constructions which are not constructed as per the measurements given by the architect.

And finally, let’s not forget that we measure life by the value we have added, to continue the spirit of humanity!