Sometimes you don’t need words, places themselves echo the success stories of champions. Pullela Gopichand Badminton Academy is one such place where the sheer feeling of steeping onto the arenas where champions and legends have set their foot, awed our geckos and mesmerized them.

There we were greeted by Mrs. Pradnya Gadre, who is a doubles player and has to her credit winning of the senior national gold medal and has represented India in several national and international tournaments. Currently, she is working as a coach for the Indian women’s double team.

As our central idea emphasis on the word coordination, Mrs. Gadre told our geckos about how the two players in a doubles team need to strategize and work according to the set plan to achieve their goal. She highlighted the point that though Badminton is a single or utmost a double player sport, there are a whole bunch of people striving and working towards helping the players to win matches and remain fit. The team generally includes an onboard physiotherapist, masseur, trainer, coach and a nutritionist. Each has a clear and pre-defined role to execute to ensure the players’ success.

Our geckos were very keen on asking questions and Mrs. Pradnya was amazed by the enthusiasm showed by them. On asking, “Are there any specific pre- requisites required to be a badminton player?”, she replied that like any other sport this sport too needs the player to develop strength, speed and  have an utmost dedication towards the game.

Our geckos were happy to see the fun badminton match played by the players who were relaxing after their rigorous practice sessions. They had clubbed two courts and had 5 players on each side. During the match the players demonstrated excellent co-ordination and team work. They cheered and supported their team member even when a shot was missed. This highlighted our central idea about co-operation and co-ordination being the key to achieve goals.


Highlights of the visit: