Our PP1 Geckos have been inquiring into the topic “senses” since the past few weeks. AS they unfold the magic of the five sense organs they are on a knowledge enhancing journey to explore the eyes, ears, nose and tongue so far.

While tuning into “Tongue” the facilitators arranged a party to tickle the geckos’ taste buds as they learnt new vocabulary related to tongue like taste buds, sweet, sour, bitter, spicy, salty, tangy etc. And what could be a better way to learn about these tastes than actually tasting them!! The children participated enthusiastically and were quite open minded in trying all the eatables on the taste station. Their expressions were worth recording as many of them described what they ate just by an expression. Later we discussed and named each taste that the geckos felt proud of using while tasting their food during snack time.

Through this fun filled event the learners were not only introduced to the terminology used to describe different tastes but also became knowledgeable about taste buds that help us to identify various tastes.


Some ‘tasty’ highlights: