A birthday is an occasion when a person or institution celebrates the anniversary of their birth. Birthdays are celebrated in numerous cultures, often with a gift, party, or rite of passage. Birthdays are usually the occasions for rejoicing and feasting. Relatives and friends gather on the occasion, wish many happy returns of the day, and offer their blessings. To have first-hand experience of celebration, PP2 geckos celebrated their class teddy’s birthday. They understood and reflected on their learning of celebrations and developed confidence while dividing the responsibilities. They displayed the profile of responsibility while planning the birthday party where they discussed elements of the birthday – invitation, food, games, music, dance decorations, cake and candles.

Geckos enthusiastically helped with the preparation of the birthday. Geckos were divided into various group – welcome, decoration, food, games, and music. They understood their role and responsibility in planning a celebration.

They invited our coordinators- Mrs. Kiran Singh and Mrs Sangeeta to attend the birthday party. Geckos displayed responsibility by attending to the guest.  They celebrated teddy’s birthday with lot of fun where they dance to sing and played games. They recognized the importance, inquired to enhance their knowledge and related to share and communicate.


Some ‘happy’ moments: