“Nearly half of a child’s achievement in school can be accounted for by factors outside the school including parent support”shows a research conducted by Ronald Ferguson. Rightly so, teachers efforts and parents involvement together builds the child’s personality. In our endeavour to do so we organised a knowledge sharing seminar called “The Red Star Parent” where we familiarised the parents with the IB concepts and terminologies which will help them support their child and enhance the academic performance. It was also the first geckos led event organised by the newly elected students council. Our senior school geckos took lead and managed the entire event successfully. The seminar was graced by our director Mrs Kirti and Mr Reddy. The interactive session conducted by our principal Mrs Hema Surapaneni gained a very positive response. It was summed up by a quiz where our parents very enthusiastically participated to win The Red Star Parent certificate. Almost full house, this event showcased the willingness of parents to partner with us in their child’s growth.


Some highlights: