On 6th January 2021, a very special Talking Titans session was organised at The Gaudium School for the high school girls. The guest speaker on the occasion was a renowned gynaecologist Dr. Vimee Bindra who is a Consultant Laparoscopic Surgeon at Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad. It was a very interactive session, as Dr. Bindra educated the adolescent girls on the various physical changes that occur with the onset of puberty and how important it is to speak up openly about the menstrual cycle and everything related to it.

The adolescent phase in a girl’s life can be a very confusing one, as the transition from childhood to adulthood takes place marked by puberty and a series of physical and biological changes. Young minds may get subjected to shame, inability to accept the new change, taboos and myths concerning menstruation and many more. In order to have a holistic development, it is necessary that the adolescent girls are made well aware of the changes that they are likely to go through, understand that the changes are absolutely normal and accept them gracefully. Inability to do that or improper or little knowledge can hamper in the child’s psychological and social development as well.

Dr. Bindra beautifully explained the biology behind puberty and clearly demonstrated the details. Keeping it a very interactive session, she encouraged the students to speak out their doubts concerning the topic. She also demarcated the normal from the abnormal changes which one might overlook, but from a medical point of view is a red flag which needs to be addressed immediately. The girls understood when they should seek medical help and when they need not.

Dr. Vimee Bindra covered this sensitive topic with utmost compassion as she dismissed the taboos and malpractices followed by various communities which are not scientifically justified and pose as discrimination and a violation of several human rights. This aspect of awareness also made the girl students aware of the surroundings and armed them with the right knowledge. Indeed it was comforting for them to understand that menstruation is just another normal physiological phenomenon and one should not shy away from talking about it. The girls rejoiced at the session as they had several take-aways and lots of questions and doubts to ask. Feelings of anxiety and eagerness to know more about this natural phenomenon are very common in the age and the proper address through a secure and reliable source can be very comforting.


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