The high school CSBE wing ushered in the first school day of the New Year 2021 in a beautifully presented assembly! Hosted by geckos Ariev Ghosh of Grade 7A and Veena Chada of Grade 11, the audience was taken through a beautifully presented and wholesome Assembly experience filled with positive and encouraging nuggets of motivation which was just the right boost to embark on the New Year!

The assembly commenced with the school prayer, with Shresta Alimela of Grade 9 presenting the current news headlines to everyone. The theme of the assembly was ‘perseverance’; it was perfectly blended in all along with the assembly. Beginning of a New Year, is a time to make resolutions and promises leading us on a path of progress, it is no wonder that perseverance is the virtue which will help lead everyone of us to success. Through the address by the visionary Principal Ms. Shalini Singh Hamilton, the Coordinator Ms Varsha Dillikar and the Associate Coordinator Ms Anitha Srijeeth, the idea of perseverance was explained and well elucidated. Several brilliant real-life instances were shown as examples to etch the thought, ranging from Thomas Alva Edison to Michael Jordan and many more who achieved sweet success in all its glory after persevering for their undeterred passion.

The geckos also presented a short video on the demonstration of the STEM projects, an innovative skill that they have acquired through the classes in The Gaudium. Coupled with the exemplary display of ‘tech’ skills learnt from the ICT classes, it was a wonderful testimony of the creative scientific learning of the CBSE students! A mesmerizing dance performance presented was a treat to the assembly which let everyone have a continuum of the merry times. The assembly concluded with a vote of thanks as the students and teachers were refreshed, positive about the New Year and ready to get back to the classes exhilarated and enthusiastic!

As said by Dr. Seuss:

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” The team at Gaudium reminisced about the strange year which went by and how everyone faced it taking it in their own stride, were ready with wide open arms to welcome the New Year and look forward to it!


Some highlights: