On 10th October all grades from Nursery, Pre-Primary to Grade 5 had their Summative Assessment (SA) at The Gaudium. The Assessment Process was a unique experience where in students have taken the ownership to demonstrate their academic progress to parents. Instead of a pen and paper test, itnot only gives parents an opportunity to get a closer look at the academic progressbut at the overall activities and teaching techniques used to engage students during the school sessions. The SA focused on what was learnt and taught through the first trimester. It showcased their learning in all disciplines from sports, art, craft, dance, music and theater integrated with the program of inquiry.

Student Actions: All grades from PP to Grade 5 did an amazing job at showcasing their learning. It was a premier event that overwhelmed the parents to see their kids perform with such panache. Although the students demonstrated several fascinating elements of their learning such as rhymes, integrated disciplines and themes of their POI program, we have highlighted a few that captured the audience.

Nursery:Little geckos reflected on their learning of topic “Transport” in integration with music, dance and role-play- 1 little,2 little aerophane, row-row your boat, stop says the red light .They also danced on the rhyme- I ride my bike.

PP1 A & PP1 B: Geckos reflected their learning about “Community Helpers”. First Summative Assessment was a reflection where the kids showcased their learning and understanding of the topic through alphabet song along with role play and mere desh ki dharti dance performance.

PP2A & PP2 B: The topic was culture and celebration. Geckos exhibited the profile confidence and displayed their multitude of talent showcasing the inquiry cycle learning procedure. The events covered were Vande Mataram dance, theatre on Ramayana, Let it shine – an integrated song and craft presentation and finally their learning of open mindedness through the song Achhe Bachhe. Our geckos enthralled the audience and our parents were spell bound and appreciated the little ones wholeheartedly.

Grade 1: The Dance and Music performance on the “four seasons” and poem on Ruthuwulu in Telugu which is an integration of the Inquiry program brought laughter and kept parents entertained.

Grade 2&3: The picture perfect act of the day was the theater performance on “Pluto and Its Identity Crisis” by Geckos of grade 2 and 3 that captivated the parentsso much. There were many parents who were surprised to see their kids act and speak with such perfection on the stage.

Grade 4&5: “Nukkad Natak” on Pollution in Hindi not only sent a message to the parents on the pollution and its disastrous effect but also showcased their theatrical abilities.

Learning outcomes: Rather than a progress card system, this unique assessment procedure has boosted our Gecko’s confidence. They have identified their own abilities and strengths. They have shown their parents that it is not just academics but most important of all they had an overall development i.e.in communication skills, stage presence/ performance, reading and writing all of which was learnt in a fun learning environment. Students, Teachers and Parents all were active participants and enjoyed the event.


Some highlights from the event: