Comic book day is all about enjoying reading your favorite story book with graphic characters.

Objective: Geckos of Grade 1 to 3 were issued comic books (Amar Chitra Katha-by Anant Pai)  to bring back the tradition of enjoying comic series like marvel, tinkle, Cha-cha Choudary etc . Amar Chitra Katha is India’s largest selling comic series with epic stories from Indian mythology.

Student Learning: Since kids are learning to read independently, giving them books they’ll love will take them to a world of imagination than watching cartoons. Students can identify with the characters, and spin the story into other worlds that make reading more fun.  Kids were attracted to the images in the books; they were glued to the gorgeous illustrations and asked Facilitators about the characters and the stories. Students were so immersed in the books, even though some could barely read the words. The illustrations, the exaggerated characters, and the way the panels were arranged to propel the stories forward were enough to keep them engrossed. Little by little they started reading bits aloud and asked help with the tougher words. The activity has enhanced their reading skill, attention span, imagination and vocabulary.


Some ‘stories’ from the day: