Program of Inquiry topic in PP2 was ‘Culture and celebration’. They learnt about different cultures and depicted it through their learnings. Geckos went to Military Artillery centre for a field trip to learn about different religious places .

Student Action:Geckos were very excited to go for the field trip to the Religious places . They learnt about different worship places like – Church, Gurudwara, Temple and mosque.

Learning Outcome: Geckos learnt to be open-minded and it is important to be open-minded to learn new things. They demonstrated the attitude of ‘respect ‘towards different culture. They learnt to respect own culture and views and traditions of others. They modified their perspectives towards different culture and learnt to be ‘tolerant’ ‘.

Facilitators: Mrs. Harisa Mamoon & Mrs. Vineeta Mishra.

Event Coordinator: Mrs. Tahseen Sajjida


Some highlights of the day: