Being the unit of inquiry “Relationship” the PP1 geckos were not only learning about  the different concepts related to relationships around them but also getting to know about importance of family and friends in our life. The unit went for 5 weeks and the kids enhanced their knowledge through different hands-on activities, discussions, guest talk and field trip. To assess each and every child’s learning, an interview was conducted by the facilitators. The kids enjoyed being in TV and faced the questions asked by the interviewer.  Their reflection was recorded in the form of a rubric which will be the evidence of their learning. Kids very enthusiastically participated in the process and looked very happy and confident to face the interview. Few of the guest interviewers were also invited to interview the Geckos. Overall it was a very interesting and joyful Summative assessment where the kids had given an assessment in a fun filled way and made their facilitators proud.

Facilitators: Home Room Teachers


Highlights of the assessment: