School is one of the most important social institutes in everyone’s life. School education provides confidence, opportunities, enforces team work and expands learning beyond textbooks. Socialization is the most crucial skill that develops only in the school environment at an early stage of life. Humans, being social animals, always look for people around. School provides the opportunity to work and share ideas beyond community boundaries and prepare oneself exponentially to face the real world challenges. School is a bank of knowledge and information which reinforces valuable experiences and personality development to become a future self. School days are the most cherished moments in one’s life during which we indulge in different things which vary from interesting subject activities, play, fight, study to sharing lunch boxes, making friends, spending quality time with teachers and friends, excursions and being a part of different events.

Today the parental expectation from school has increased tremendously. They look for a school where their child gets individual attention most of the time during school hours. They look for the safest and the most hygienic activities, where their child shouldn’t get a single scratch. They often enquire about their child’s biological routine rather than his/ her academic participation. Did the parents ever think about how they grew up from childhood to adulthood? Did they not fight or get into small classroom issues?  Did they not fall or get hurt anytime? Did they not indulge in outdoor play irrespective of heat, rain or cold? Were they, as children, not disciplined firmly? Did they not eat independently and with fun along with their friends?

A remarkable and a positive holistic development is observed in a child, if the parents are practical, understanding and open minded. Parents who are very possessive and believe in home schooling often spend quality time in teaching their child. They spend a lot of time in personal interaction and give one on one attention towards academics. Children are raised in an intimate way within cultural and spiritual boundaries. These children often lack social skills which are of utmost importance in society in order to survive and get established. Home schooling gives flexibility in curriculum and helps in adapting techniques best suited for the children. Needless to say, nowadays most of the schools take individual assessments and prepare differential teaching methods in the class. They strive towards encouraging and motivating students to learn and be disciplined in the school.

It is said that home is the first school and school is the second home. The statement pretty much explains what the duties of the parents and the teachers are to ensure the best possible outcomes for the child academically, emotionally and socially.