We live in an era of multimedia and its influence is becoming increasingly evident in all walks of life. Likewise, it has undeniably reformed the information system in the educational sphere in more ways than we can imagine. While social media updates are helping parents to be informed partakers in the learning process, blogs and articles are ensuring that all stakeholders are equal contributors in enriching the reflective quality of education. To delve deeper into this information system, Mr. Praveen, Business Consultant Branding & Marketing Head, moderated a professional development session on media communication with the entire academic team in attendance. He presented a clear insight into the process of media communication, elaborated on the organisational norms pertaining to it and outlined the tonal quality of a written piece meant to be published on multimedia platforms.  Of all our inventions for mass communication, it still holds true that pictures speak the most universally understood language; thereby emphasis was laid on the quality and content of pictures that would go a long way in narrating our educational experiences to the viewers. On the whole the session was instrumental in paving the way for the academic team to use the media platform as a means to showcase best classroom practices, express opinion and promote innovation in the learning process.


Some highlights: