The pandemic has presented the children with challenges in terms of social and emotional interaction and communication. It is important to overcome and teach our children to adapt and to thrive in this current situation. It is highly believed that social and emotional learning in the early years can help children to become more self-aware of their emotions, thoughts and develop empathy towards others which in turn, helps them to build more positive relationships with their peers and make more responsible decisions in future.

Keeping this in mind at The Gaudium School’s Learning Diversity\Counselling Department has taken the initiative to conduct Group Counselling Sessions from Grade Nursery to Grade PP2 in early years. These Group Counselling sessions are mainly planned with the main objective to support the social and emotional learning of the students, the counsellors visit each class twice a month. These sessions are conducted based on a central theme planned for each month. We have so far covered, ‘Self-awareness’, ‘Acceptance’ and ‘Conflict’. The complexity of the themes carried out in different grades vary considering students’ age. Students engage to understand and reflect. In Nursery and PP1, students were introduced to ‘identification’ and ‘recognising emotions’ which are related to conflict and in PP2, the students made an attempt to identify what is conflict and come up with their own conflict resolutions for different scenarios. These Group Counselling sessions signify and enhance social and emotional learning of the students by providing them a platform where they can have open discussions and voice their opinions. This will help students to improve and build positive relationships as well as to have a growth mindset.


Some highlights: