The learner profile is the heart of the IB Programme. By developing and demonstrating the attributes of the learner profile, a student becomes an individual who is internationally minded and who can take sustainable action with the sense of responsibility, who has respect for themselves, others and the world around them.

The learning community supports and creates opportunities for the students where they can develop and demonstrate the attributes of the learner profile. Teacher librarians at PYP have tried to create such an opportunity through reading aloud picture books.

The students shared their reflections after listening to the stories where they connected the attributes of the learner profile with the story characters and gave their reasons to choose that particular attribute for a particular character. During this learning engagement, the students demonstrated the attribute of being open minded when they were respectfully listening to the perspective of their classmates, they were communicators when they shared their point of view confidently and gave reasons for the same. They demonstrated their critical and creative thinking skills when they were thinking about the story/ characters from different perspectives. They were reflective as they shared their reflection and also understood their own ideas and others point of views.

It was a great experience to learn and unlearn with the students, listening to their points of view and justifying the same. Reading together and rethinking about it and reaching a conclusion- making it a wholesome process. Observing the students respecting each other’s opinions and putting forward their point with respect to everyone was truly an awarding experience for the teachers.

It was the first step to bring agency in PYP Library where students have their voice, choice and ownership. All the students from grade 1 to 5 enthusiastically participated in the classroom discussions and took their learning further.


Some highlights: