Every year “The International Day of Peace” is observed globally on 21st September. The UN general assembly has declared this day as a day of observing non-violence and ceasefire. The theme for this year is “Shaping Peace Together”. It intends to spread compassion, kindness and hope in the face of pandemic and to stand with the UN against attempts to the use of the virus to promote discrimination or hatred.

World peace begins with inner peace” —Dalai Lama

The IBDP wing at the Gaudium celebrated the International day of peace virtually through a short program to show that we are in line with the above in promoting peace.

Mr Bala Kishore, Vice President –Transformation, SEARCE software was invited as a guest speaker for the program. He is an ardent follower of the ‘Brahma kumaris’ and is the coordinator of Brahma kumaris’ India IT team and has been practising raja yoga meditation since 1993.

The program started at 9 am with an introductory note by Ms Sutapa Paul on the importance of celebrating the International Day of Peace and its journey. It was followed by a beautiful rendition of a song by Ms Kyra Cherian, our DP 1 student. The guest speaker Mr Bala Kishore started the session with a short meditation for the participants. In his presentation he made the students realize how our thoughts reflect our mind. He emphasized that when our thoughts are controlled our mind would be peaceful and clear and starts working at its best. Through meditation, our thoughts can be channelized in the right direction which would help the students perform better in academics and in shaping their personality. He reiterated the importance of breathing in controlling our thoughts and in achieving inner peace and the peace of the world at large. The session concluded with another round of meditation followed by a vote of thanks.


Some pics: