As our “POI” topic  is “Animals”, school has organised a snake show in Kollur campus. Experienced team from “Friends of Snake Club”has conducted show for our geckos.Team acknowledged few facts and importance on why we should save snakes and its role in ecosystem.Geckos had a great experience of learning different kinds of snakes,their habitat and  venomous and non-venomous qualities that snakes exhibit. They also provided enormous information on how to identify dangerous snake which can harm us including the steps to be followed to rescue from the same.Few of our brave geckos have made maximum utilisation of this event by even touching the snake, which exposed them to the skin texture and the body movement. This was done in guidance with the expert team who came for exhibiting the snakes.The geckos displayed intense interest in the snakes show and had great fun.

Resource: Representatives of  “Friends of Snake” Club


Some delightful moments from the event: