Fishes are a class of aquatic vertebrates. The combination of gills, fins and the fact that they live only in water make fish different from all other animals. As our “POI” topic being “Animals”, to inculcate the same we have organised an activity called “fishing”.The geckos participated very enthusiastically in this fishing activity in which they had placed toy fishes in a tray and caught toy fishes using a fishing rod. This activity inculcated the equipments used to catch a fish and different parts of the fish. The geckos thoroughly held the fishing rod and displayed the movements used to catch a fish. The geckos were obsessed with the colourful fishes and this made them inquire more about it. The children discussed different types of fishes found in India and what helps them breathe, their eating habits etc,.They understood the food chain and demonstrated the profile “open minded” to perform the activity, as few were non-vegetarians.

Coordinators: Nursery Home Room Teachers


Some ‘catches’ from the event: