Facilitators: Mrs. L Sanjana, Mrs. Rashmi Rai and Mrs. Teena

The objective behind conducting the math workshop was to broaden and reinforce the perception of mental math is students. The aim was to develop strategies, practice known facts and to focuse on tips to build arithmetic fluency of Geckos. The session was carried out in a fun and stimulating approach to encourage students in recalling the known facts of number system such as additions/subtraction, division/multiplication in order to calculate complex multi-step math problems instantly and quickly.

Geckos of Grade 1 took up multiplication also called repeated additions. We taught them a song to memorize the 2 table. Geckos of Grade 4 & 5 were introduced to an interesting topic –Time. They were told about the different phrases related to time to show them how, why and where they use these words and phrases. Concept of 24-hour clock and 12-hour clock was enhanced by drawing a clock having both systems. Students got a chance to understand time estimation in a better and fun way through the activities in the math workshop. The class was also divided into two groups and were given a theme each i.e. holiday and daily routine. The students came up with a story and developed it into a skit with a lot of twist and turns of time. They worked on estimating time, use of a.m. /p.m. and 24-hour clock. Geckos were also told a story titled 5minutes which explained the importance of time and punctuality. After all the fun filled activities, Geckos were able to read calendar and compute the time duration of an activity.

Geckos of grade 6 and 7 had a lively game session while learning manipulative tips to calculate the square root of larger numbers and the multiplication of 11 with numbers like 22, 33, and 44 up to 99. They were able to quickly calculate the square root of numbers ending with 5 and 0 and also roots of numbers between 11 and 19, in the fraction of a second by the end of the workshop. The workshop also highlighted the importance and application of speed math as a foundation life skill which is required in any profession they choose.


Some highlights: