The process of communicating the progress of students to parents must involve students in a meaningful way. For a discussion of student work to be relevant, accurate and complete, students need to be meaningfully engaged in the process.  Having students lead a conference with parents is a way to maximize their involvement.  The involvement of students in the conferencing process promotes three elements essential to improving student performance in school:

  • Relevance: why we are teaching what we are teaching to students
  • Responsibility: making the student more responsible for learning
  • Reporting to parents how students are progressing in learning

The SLC this year was one of a kind being accommodative to the current situation of virtual learning. Students took to showcase their learning through multimedia modes. All of the students were split across various subject groups. We really did get to see some great initiatives by all our enthusiastic learners. In order to bring about integration among subjects, the languages were combined with humanities.

Humanities not only help us understand others through their languages, history and culture; but also encourage social justice and equality. It helps us understand various pressing issues that mankind has been facing over the years. A language is a vital tool for communication. It is not only exchanging thoughts and ideas, but it builds friendships and it can also solve issues that our earth is facing. Students came up with a very creative idea of making a news report to address various issues that marine life has been facing today. They have been studying global issues in the humanities classes and expressed their views and possible solutions in the languages that they are studying based on the demographic. The three marine pollution issues that were raised are The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, oil spills in Mauritius and the contamination of the Yamuna river in North India. They also talked about sustainable solutions like making paper bags and how not to dispose of used plastic bottles and instead reuse them.

This activity received positive responses from all the stakeholders which really was a booster for the students to strive harder for the future SLCs. Some of them have also reflected on their activities which is a clear indication of a positive learning environment.


Some higlights: