Reading is undisputedly an imperative language skill that plays a vital role in helping the children in the acquisition of knowledge, enhancing their thinking skills and in empowering them with the ability to express their thoughts more confidently and clearly.

At Gaudium, we always encourage our students to read books and to make it more interesting, we made ‘Get Epic’ an integral part of our reading programme. Get Epic is an online reading and learning platform for children. Children have access to a plethora of books which are carefully segregated according to the different reading levels. It also has the audio version of the books to help the children listen to the pronunciation and learn the right way of reading.

As a teachers, we use this amazing platform for assigning books to our students on a daily and weekly basis, monitor their reading and comprehension skills as they take a quiz after finishing reading each story/book. Children don’t just read books online but also maintain their own word bank by writing down the new words that they come across while reading. We also have our reading assessments on Get epic. Teachers also use Get epic to assign books related to our Unit of Inquiry to enrich their understanding of the UOI.

To sum it up, it’s been just two weeks of us implementing this learning tool in our class and the kids have already earned the badge of crossing the 325 books milestone in the Reading Pillar!


Some pics: