The platform where a child spends most of his/her valuable time during childhood is SCHOOL. The school makes a child understand and learn on how to make and value friends, explore about one’s own self, how to associate in a team, respect each and every individual. Also, the school teaches a student how to strike a balance between academics and extracurricular activities. A great school plays a pivotal role in the development of the child by not only focussing and promoting academics but also inculcating virtues in a child.

Furthermore, a good school always considers each valuable constructive feedback provided by the stakeholders for its further growth and progress. It walks that extra mile not to leave any stone unturned that will help a child in his/her overall development and character formation. So education is indispensable irrespective of any gender and it is through the school via which various platforms are created for students to participate in different academics, cultural, and extracurricular activities to excel. Also, constant, and consistent practice in various subjects and fields can be imparted through good school education.