Presentations are a great way to have students practice all language systems areas (vocabulary, grammar) and skills (speaking, reading, writing and listening). They also build confidence. The students need to feel relatively confident about what they are doing before they stand up and do it in front of other people. Students who are good presenters are better communicators all round, since they are able to structure and express their ideas clearly.

The PP1 Geckos have been learning about different verbal and non-verbal ways of expressing our feelings to others. Now it was time for them to conclude the unit, reflect upon their learning and present it in front of others. Hence we concluded our topic with a big bang event named “Saga of emotions”. The geckos very enthusiastically depicted each and every emotion and expressed their feelings creatively in the form of music and dance. The learners were divided into three groups, the first group spoke about the central idea and lines of inquiry whereas the second group sang a song called “How are you feeling” based on all the six basic emotions and third group depicted the emotions through foot tapping dance numbers.

Each and every learner of PP1 took part very enthusiastically in this assembly presentation. Their hard work and effort was evident and was appreciated by each and every Gecko and facilitator present over there.


Some cute moments: