Mathematical games improve the pace of Math learning enabling our Geckos to project their quick wit and fast judgments- numerically. We initially divided the Geckos of our class into six teams. We conducted four rounds among these teams. Teams which scored high were selected to be qualifying for playing the third and then the fourth round too.

Round 1: Rapid Fire Round

First round was a rapid fire round. Geckos were questioned regarding the basic operations learnt by them till now. In this rapid fire round, the team which claps first was given a chance to answer the question and got positive marking while wrong answer was scored negative. All our Geckos were excited to answer the rapid fire questions quickly to compete to be the winner team.

Round 2: Bingo

Second round was a bingo game. Each team was distributed 3×3 cards with numbers. As we started asking questions, correct answer was supposed to be circled on the number in the card given to them. If any of the six teams finds that the numbers they circled are arranged in a row in the card which they have, then that team will have to call out “Bingo”. Out of six teams three teams were qualified to play the third round.

Round 3: Base Ball

Baseball game was our Round 3. Four Geckos of one of the winning team were made to stand in four corners in a square shape. Once the first Gecko answers the question, he starts moving from one corner to the other corner where the second Gecko is standing. Same process repeats for the second and third Gecko. But, when fourth Gecko is asked a question and he/she answers it, the team qualifies for the fourth round. Geckos participated enthusiastically for their team to win the game. Two teams were qualified to participate in the fourth round.

Round 4: Hopscotch

Finally, two teams got to Round Four and qualified for our Hopscotch. The team which gave right answers to our questions could step into a rectangle outlined on the ground. Later for every answer which either of the teams knew, a member from that team was allowed to jump in further rectangles outlined on the ground leaving behind team member who could not answer the question. The questions posted for this hopscotch game were related to basic operations in math. Finally, one team won the game. Hurray!!!!

Geckos had fun with the basic mathematical operations, which they enjoyed and found very interesting. This is called ‘Fun Learning’, which involved all of them, each one given a fair share allowing the best one to win, who stand out amongst the rest!


Some key highlights: