The Nutritionist Mrs. Sonal Bhargava gave a guest lecture on Balanced Diet and it’s importance to the grade 1 Geckos for the topic “Wellbeing”. She spoke on balanced diet and emphasized on the need to include rainbow colored food in their diet. Mrs. Sonal discussed that a balanced diet consist 3 types of food – Energy giving, Body building and Protective food. Eating healthy breakfast and nutritious diet, adequate consumption of water (2-3litres), regular exercise and sleeping for 8 hours in a day was recommended to the Geckos. She asked the Geckos to follow one simple step called the “DEAR” i.e. D – Diet, E – Exercise, A – Attitude, R – Rest. The lecture was presented using an interesting video through which the geckos understood the negative impacts of consuming junk food and the journey of food in the body. Geckos reflected that good food is essential for everyone to be physically fit and healthy.