In a guest talk on topic weather, Facilitators from different locations from local to global explained how weather affects our lives in different ways. Geckos were so excited to know about the different weather condition across India. Mrs. Sushmitha explained weather condition, food style and talked about the clothing in Mumbai. Geckos thoroughly enjoyed and wanted to know more about Mumbai.

One of our facilitator from Eastern India (Mizoram) Ms. Sani spoke about her hometown weather condition; it was interesting for our geckos to know that during summer season also its cold there.

Mrs. Neha from North India (New Delhi) discussed about weather condition in Delhi and also Mrs. Rabeena spoke about weather in Kerala and they came to know the food style and clothing style in Kerala.

To get a broader picture Mrs. Teena talks about Weather condition in Switzerland. Geckos start comparing the weather condition in Switzerland and India. It was an informative and at the same time fun for our geckos.


Some key moments: