“No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading or surrender yourself to self- chosen ignorance.” Confucius

Reading has a majestic magic spell in itself.  As parents and teachers, it becomes an essential duty to cultivate this habit in the younger generation. How? The answer is “Reading with your child.”

It just takes away few minutes of a day, a precious time out of the entire day that takes to build key reading skills. Research says that the early ages of a human being decide the personality of an individual and those early years becomes thereby very crucial to be taken care by instilling this magical habit of reading. Here are few tips to practice it:

As parents, if we can create a healthy reading ritual together, every day will not only bring about unity and togetherness in the family but also the child gets to feel the importance of reading.

Pictures have a very magnificent influence on young minds. While reading away from the book to these young minds if the parents speak about the pictures and ask questions, the act will catalyze the process of comprehending by the young minds.

Children also go by expressions of the reader to understand the meaning of the word and comprehend the gist of the content. At the very same time, it’s important to read different kinds of books to them to elaborate thoughts and to boost their moral values.

I could still recollect the influence of the story of Cinderella had on me when my mom read the story to me when I was very young. Her expressions made me clear how wicked the stepmother and sisters were and how beautiful Cinderella was in her appearance, to mankind and other living things. The story was narrative and filled with happening which my mom read for me over and over again. I also used to hear the stories which she recorded and played for me. This act of my mom was like sowing a healthy seed in my life that helped me to have a better bonding with this hobby.

With that, I would like to comment that “Yes, Good Readers are made on the lap of the parents.”

The practice once cultivated will impart a person’s knowledge that will act as a drive to perform his chores perfectly. It is a great motivation for an individual to do better in life. The more one individual reads, the more his understanding and comprehending skills improve. Better a reader, the easier it becomes for him to complete an assigned work.  The habit of reading goes parallelly with the attainment of knowledge.

Reading plays a vital role to enrich a person’s vocabulary than just listening can provide. Reading leads to many answers that have arisen in our minds. It leads to many questions too, making us all the more inquisitive to know new things. Reading leads to vocabulary enrichment. The vocabulary enrichment helps in subject enrichment and confidence.  We never know that how and when the new bit of information can come handy to us. Better the knowledge, better is the way to tackle new challenges, tactfully.

The analytical skills come handy when it comes to critiquing the plot, thinking further about the story and its characters. We start thinking about the story and also discuss  it.

With all these, I would like to conclude, rather persuade, to read, read and read.