As part of the inquiry on Economic activities, in order to understand the interplay of supply and demand as one of the significant influences in our daily lives, the geckos were taken for a field trip to The Gaudium Schools kitchen. They were introduced to the complexities of their one time meal by the Kitchen manager, Mr. Kranthi, who showed the mammoth dry storage space and chillers (refrigerator) for storing groceries to supply for 1000 students in demand. Also, he stressed on the management of those resources with regard to money as they are both perishable and imperishable items. The geckos understood the laborious hands behind the kitchen to serve them with the best. Apart from it, they were impressed by the highly well kept and hygienic aspect of the kitchen.

The session was concluded by geckos throwing a series of questions out of curiosity as to  which food item was most in demand in the cafeteria? and how do they cope up with the demand?. They beautifully understood the management strategies used by them in serving the rice and curd. Most importantly, they realized as to why they shouldn’t waste the food and why they must value it. Later, they could connect the points of Mr.Kranthi  in terms with the supermarket and customers based on it’s quantity, quality, supply, and demand. In fact, the geckos could relate the lines of inquiries in a better way, wherein supply and demand acted itself as the most vital factor which co-relates other lines of inquiries such as 1. Needs and wants, 2. Goods and services, 3.Consumers and producers. The geckos were indeed glad to have found how their meal is being served, though they exclaimed that they missed the fun of cooking in such a pretty kitchen”!


Highlights of the trip: