Learning Objective : Learners will be able to identify the reasons behind the existing biodiversity and understand the role of an individual or an organization in protecting the natural habitat of species and conserving biodiversity.

Our geckos have inquired about biodiversity, understood the necessity of biodiversity, identified the challenges to biodiversity and also suggested measures to conserve it. To provide deeper insights into the subject, we had the pleasure of having Mrs. Archana Reddy to share her thoughts and enlighten them.

Mrs. Archana dwelled into the details of the reasons behind biodiversity; she made our geckos understand that the mutation in the species could be caused by the influence of the climatic conditions. She explained that the regions with high biodiversity called hotspots are very important to maintain the balance in the ecosystem, but these zones are also highly vulnerable as well. She familiarized our geckos with the parts of the globe that can be specified as hotspots. She discussed about the various organizations that are actively working towards the conservation of the biodiversity.

She concluded the guest lecture by giving our geckos two interesting tasks – to identify the various wildlife habitats in the state and to identify the different species of flora and fauna in the campus and tag them accordingly.

Our geckos were glued to the lively presentation, participated actively and were enthusiastically answering to the questions posed by our guest speaker. It was a very informative talk and I am sure our geckos have developed a better understanding of biodiversity through it.

Some photos of the event: