Learning Objective: Helping children understand the importance of being kind and making others happy with their gestures and acts.

RAK is a day celebrated internationally, on 17th February, to remind us all to open our hearts and unite our communities through kindness. Here at Gaudium, our first annual RAK week was celebrated from 12-17th February, wherein every member of The Gaudium family came together to carry out arbitrary kind acts throughout the week. During the second week of February, all students from each tribe had held meetings to discuss possible ideas for RAK week, and together with the student council’s support, these ideas were put into action.

During this week, the ‘Ultimate Kindness Challenge’ was introduced for geckos from Grade 3-9, with a slightly altered checklist edition for parents and staff. The checklist contained a list of kind acts that needed to be ticked off as the week passed by. For geckos of grades 1 and 2, a ‘Kindness Jar’ was placed, which had simple kind acts. Flashcards with illustrations of the kind acts were made for geckos of PP1 and PP2, and discussions were held regarding each act.

Further, appreciation boxes were placed at various places in the school and students as well staff were found dropping in notes to thank someone who has been kind to them. A number of appreciation notes were also directed towards our supporting staff. In addition, our geckos also came up with the idea of a ‘One Rupee Drive’, which would demonstrate that even a rupee can make a change.

Finally, the motto of this event “No acts of kindness, however small is ever wasted- Aesop.” was reflected on the ‘Kindness Wall’, along with inspiring quotes, surprise notes and gifts on each other’s desks and so on, were few amongst many uplifting instances.


Key highlights: