The summative assessment of this unit began a week before with grouping. Geckos were grouped into art, music, and dance. Each team took turns to display their understanding about the subject. Their team work emphasised the importance of personal and social development. It helped in developing their ability to work individually and collaboratively in teams. Different group activities in their learning journey helped them to analyse and use multiple forms of communication and expressions through arts. Our geckos developed the ability to read and use nuances of cultural expressions to convey meaning through the different forms of arts. Geckos were given time limit in which they have to plan to showcase their understanding of different forms of art. Their presentation began with visual art where they shared information on different divisions of visual art like cave art, abstract art, non-objective art, realistic art, miniature art. They gave presentation on cubism and suprematism as well. Geckos were appreciated by the peers and facilitators for their confidence and knowledge. The Geckos then geared up to present performing arts. They were teamed in groups to sing songs of different genres like folk, choir, rock, western, classical, semi classical which they learned during their inquiry and presented to their peers. They were well received by the peer group. Their learning process and trans-disciplinary skills were assessed along with their presentation. Through experiences in theatre and dance, children learnt to breakdown the mechanics of body language. They experienced different ways of moving and how those movements communicate different emotions. When children practiced creating something collaboratively they get used to the idea that their actions affect other people. They learnt that when they are not prepared on time other people suffer. Through art, children also learnt that they are accountable for their mistakes.


Some highlights: