PYP Exhibition is conducted for students to engage in an in depth collaborative inquiry. This helps in providing students with an opportunity to explore multiple perspectives, to synthesise and apply their learning of previous years by reflecting up on their journey through PYP. PYP exhibition is an authentic process for assessing students understanding and to unite them, teachers, parents and other members of school community. It also celebrates the transition of learners from primary to middle / secondary education.

PYP exhibition at The Gaudium was conducted with an amazing zeal, perseverance and knowledge sharing. The grade 5 geckos of our school performed in the exhibition related to their inquiry on Beliefs, values and culture under the theme: “Who we are”

The students were well prepared for the exhibition; they were very dedicated during their learning process and completed their assignments, research on time along with wonderful presentations.

The inquiry was well integrated with Trans-disciplinary learning like Music, Dance, Art, Languages, Literacy, Numeracy and PSPE. The Geckos were supported in their learning by the mentors, facilitators and coordinators and above all by the parents.

The students inquired about the beliefs, values and culture of different countries under different continents which were very interesting not only for kids but; it was a great pleasure for all the school authorities to witness their research and performance. This inquiry has created better understanding and bonding between the students and their families bringing them closer to their beliefs, values and culture which they proudly shared with their peers and mentors.

It was a great team effort by the mentors and students where they explored the topic, researched, analysed and concluded on their inquiry by applying their learning outcome in real life situations. The kids gave musical and dance performance based on beauty of cultural diversity on 13 & 14 April 2018. The IB PYP exhibition was Inaugurated by our Chief guest Mr. C.S Reddy, our Vice President Mr. Rajshekharam Robbie and our Principal Mrs. Hema Surpaneni. It was a wonderful sight to see our geckos perform and hear them share their learning which they displayed and explained to our guests. The parents were overwhelmed to see their kids learning and performance in the exhibition. Our geckos professionally interacted with the guests and showcased the different IB profiles, attitudes and skills which they have learned throughout their journey in PYP.


Some pics of the exhibition: