The environment has suffered the most in the last 100 years more than it has millenniums before it. Humans and the things we consider convenience are the major cause of the environment’s degradation. The last decade has seen a lot of awareness to save the planet so that the future of our species is not extinction. As a part of World Environment Day Celebration, the geckos of The Gaudium, participated in an art event where they shared their ideas about saving the environment on canvas. The event also had the participation of the children from the school in Borapatla which has been adopted by the Gaudium as a part of the kindness initiative. The students explored their artistic side by sketching, drawing, calligraphy and many others to give out the message ‘Save the Environment’.

Objective: Provide a common platform for the students to exchange their ideas and inculcate social skills. Spread the message of saving the environment by depicting their ideas creatively on canvas.


Some pictures: