There is no magical formula for parenting – it’s all about time and energy in your children, says best-selling parenting authors Richard and Linda Eyre.

We all love our children. In fact, we run every day to make their life comfortable and easy. Somewhere in this process we are providing everything to our children under the name of parenting. This arouses a question, ‘Is parenting all about this need to provide?’  I would say definitely not.

Actually parenting is not a science to be researched about but a moral task, I feel.  It asks for TIME.  Unfortunately many of us don’t have that because we are busy in making money to give every possible comfort to our children.

Raising children with every comfort is what every parent dreams but along with comforts we need to give them moral values, ethics and sense of responsibility which will make them realize how privileged they are to have those comforts.  This is possible when we prioritise the time we spend with our children. It makes them understand the importance of parents and family. They grow with gratitude, motivation and with a positive attitude. In short, they turn out to be good human beings who build and replenish a good society. Parents whose first priority is their children are always respected and taken care of by their children because it is the same legacy that is passed on to them as they grow up.

Our happiness lies in our children and in their achievement.  If we prioritise our children we can rest assured that we are giving responsible and successful citizens to our society.