‘Kids just don’t listen or pay attention’ – The most common complaint by parents and teachers. Well it’s not just the children,  these days children and adults suffer with shorter attention span thanks to internet, technology and digital gadgets. Today we are living in a new reality, where in we are more connected to gadgets and less connected with people and nature. The fight with distractions is never ending and we often (well most of the time) lose. Children feel trapped by any task that takes longer than the time they are able to maintain focus. With multiple stimuli fighting for attention, even in activities that children enjoy, sometimes children lose interest or get frustrated when they need to focus for longer period.

Many studies across the world have suggested that sports and physical activity can hugely help children with increasing their attention span. The scientific reason for it is very simple. The brain requires more oxygen than any other organ for healthy functionality. Physical activity and sports are an excellent way to increase the blood flow and release more oxygen to brain. At The Gaudium School physical activity and sports play an integral role in a Geckos daily life at school. Physical education is integrated with the classroom learning. Therefore  Geckos to learn to make connections  in new ways while getting healthy and active.

So the answer to the question is ABSOLUTELY!