From the age of 0 -6 education forms a strong platform for every child’s learning. According to research, rapid brain development occurs in first 3 years. Maximum intellectual learning takes place during the early years of a child’s development. Strong intellectual, social and emotional foundation in early childhood years, lead to lifelong outcomes.

In this foundation period, parents, teachers and peers play an important role in moulding a child’s personality. Parents today believe in preparing their child for competitions in life. Somewhere they lack the understanding that more than competition a child should enjoy the process of learning, exploring things and building self-confidence to face this challenging world. Due to constant comparisons, competitions, back to back tuition and activity classes the child misses out on his/her personal space around him/her. As a result many of the important childhood moments are missed which would otherwise be relished in later years of his/her life. Loads of examinations, Olympiads, competition only create pressure on the child- the pressure to win. Children find it difficult to meet the parents’ expectations.

Being a students’ counsellor, I feel parents lack understanding of their child’s need to a certain extent. Less attention span and more curiosity in children need different direction to inculcate learning. Rather than competition, activity based learning creates interest in every child and they get engaged enthusiastically in understanding concepts.

Children would love to attend school where every child is encouraged and given equal opportunity to participate in activities and classroom chores. More than insisting a child to sit and study, activity based learning and playful method of introducing concepts helps them understand better. Their self-esteem is built up and they feel confident sharing their ideas, thoughts and inquire about their doubts. Young minds are full of curiosity, imagination, exploration and experimentation. Their potential, if given a right direction, can do wonders. Acknowledgement, reward system and appreciation in every small achievement are the key factors to boost up confidence and create interest in learning. Coming to emotional support from school, bonding between the teacher and the child, respect towards every child’s thought, satisfaction of being heard and counselled, freedom of speech and expression has a lot of importance for happy learning.

A happy child in school will always look forward to non formal, technology based and outdoor learning activities. The right school and positive school atmosphere definitely bring about happy learning and overall development in a child. School with a child centric approach always strives to build holistic development in each child. A well known author has said, “Happiness comes when you believe in what you are doing, know what you are doing and love what you are doing”.