The profession that I am in, the profession of knowledge dissemination in a manner that also instills basic life skills, does always push me to balance academic and life lessons. On the other hand, it becomes easy to strike that balance if the institution you are working with believes in the same. The Gaudium School’s ‘Happy Mind Model’ is designed to ensure the balance is struck.

I have always been extremely fidgety about the morning assembly in school. Everytime I have found myself in charge of it, I have tried to inspire aestheticity, effort and determination into the act of presenting the assembly. However, I have always felt that I could have done a better job. When I was asked to contribute to the school assembly as a core committee member in terms of embedding the five core values into the morning assembly, I was quite excited about it. For long, we teachers are trying to align our teachings with proper showcasing and I wanted to believe that I can do that through this plan of value based assemblies.

I was not alone and a fellow teacher accompanied me. Once we started creating the document I realised that the assembly is not going to happen physically due to the pandemic. Hence, we tried to create the assembly plan keeping in mind the virtual reality of today. After designing the first two months when I received my principal’s heartfelt appreciation, I was happy and relieved. But then came the more difficult part of implementing the plan. All of us knew that it is going to be extremely difficult to bring in the same liveliness of a physical school assembly but we knew we had to believe and at the end of the first month, I can say I am quite elated to find the virtual assembly is slowly creating its own language.


Some pics: