Parent orientations are a forum for interactions and awareness of new developments and road ahead for the students and parents through their academic journey. To help the parents to make a guided choice of curriculum for their wards we conducted orientations for different milestone stages in the academic life of the geckos which will help them choose their road ahead.

Grade 5 parents were taken through the journey of CBSE and Cambridge as a curriculum choice as geckos progress to grade 6 next year. This familiarized the parents on the differences, similarities and assessment patterns for each curriculum.

Grade 8 parents similarly were taken through the progression to IGCSE after the checkpoint examination of our Cambridge curriculum. Here they were informed about the subject choices and changes in examination pattern.

Grade 9&10 parents got oriented and explored the road ahead for our senior school curriculum choices of IBDP and CBSE. The subjects offered and how it will help the geckos make an appropriate career choice for their university studies.

These interactions helped build a stronger bond and awareness of what our school has to offer and how do we help plan holistic development for our geckos through their journey in The Gaudium!


Some highlights: