The purpose of the Student Led Conference (SLC) is for students to accept responsibility for their work, reflect, discuss and report the same to their parents. SLC is a learning process for the students that help them to understand how they operate as learners, while developing vital life skills of communication and organization. The students use SLC to educate the parents about the progress they are making, the areas they need support in and how they learn best in school (academic as well as co curricular).

Our first Student Led Conference for Playgroup to Grade 5 was calendared for Saturday, 21st September 2019.

Our geckos arrived with their parents- shared their learning journey and all that they had been engaged with in their classes. They took their parents to the Music, Art, Dance and PE rooms, where they weekly learn skills, techniques and concepts like their home rooms. Their portfolios were an exemplary example of their learning journey and each gecko with pride shared it – explaining their choice and voice.

The conference ended with the parents and their wards sitting together, reflecting on what they experienced, the conference and ways to further enhance the same.

The SLC was an opportunity for our geckos to demonstrate the attributes of the learner profile, the ATLs and leadership capabilities. They were proud of their work and readily took the responsibility to owning the same.


Some highlights: