The Gaudium School celebrated its Middle and High School Annual Day on December 18, 2022, ‘Panchamulya: Adwitiya Itihaasa – …Tales of Virtues , Valour and Royalty’.

In the symphony of echoes heard and unheard, history breathes life into our nondescript existence. In this year’s Annual Day, the Middle and High School students attempted to capture carefully chosen legendary tales of virtues and valour that since times immemorial have embellished the glorious annals of Indian history. It was a unique opportunity for the audience to step back in time and retrace the glorious footprints of five mighty Royals of our land whose life and reign were indeed an epitome of the cherished core values that The Gaudium School so deeply embodies.

The Chief Guest,Mr. Shrikant Sinha, CEO of Telangana Academy of Skills and Knowledge (TASK). In his address, he expressed his deepest appreciation for the school for being the pioneer in partaking avant-garde educational initiatives and also strongly championing the cause of service before self.

On the momentous occasion the CEO, Mr. Ramakrishna Reddy emphasized on how The Gaudium School envisions for its students to believe in the ideals of exemplary conduct at all times. He also asserted that as India continues progresses on its vision of becoming an economic superpower, along with the avant-garde tools of engagement and technology; it also needs to reconceptualize itself and re-identify with its own ethos and its own bygone experiences. Thus, the school chose to reinstate the transformational power of human virtues through the Annual day theme- ‘Panchamulya’ retellings legendary tales of virtues and valour.


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