The Gaudium School celebrated its Primary Years’ Annual Day 2022 themed ‘Panchamulya’ an adaptation of the ancient epic. ‘Mahabharata-A war of values.

‘Mahabharata-A war of values’ presented by the students of Grades 3 to 5 was a vivid rendition of The Gaudium’s strong foothold on imparting values that will create future-ready leaders. Mahabharata even today remains relevant; the socio-economic environment may be different, but the conflict of dharma, the human predicament, the personal choices, and the clash of egos are what each one of us faces every day. The show clearly enumerated that ‘Dharma’ is fundamentally about one’s individual choice. In that particular sense, Mahabharata is extremely individualistic.

The Chief Guest Mr. Aditya Lakhia, renowned actor and producer, was a part of the famous movie Lagaan which was nominated for Best foreign Language Film at the 74th Academy awards and became the third Indian film to be nominated in the category.

An Indian character actor, Mr. Aditya Lakia did his schooling at Mayo College, Ajmer. he began his acting career in 1988 playing small roles and working as an assistant director as well. The character of Kachra in the movie Lagaan remains one of his most memorable performances.

On the momentous occasion the CEO, Mr. Ramakrishna Reddy emphasized how The Gaudium School envisions for its students to believe in the ideals of exemplary conduct at all times. He also asserted that as India continues progresses on its vision of becoming an economic superpower, along with the avant-garde tools of engagement and technology; it also needs to reconceptualize itself and re-identify with its own ethos and its own bygone experiences. Indeed we are in profound need of rediscovering our roots. Thus, the school chose to reinstate the transformational power of values through the fictional narration of the epic, Mahabharata.


Some highlights: