The Gaudium School celebrated its Early Years’ Annual Day 2022 themed ‘Panchamulya’ presenting the legendary anecdotes from ‘Panchatantra-Tales of Wisdom’.

‘Panchatantra-Tales of Wisdom’ presented by the students of PP1 to Grade 2 was a peek into the ancient Indian collection of stories that have been retold over several years in abstracted, expanded, and fictitious form. However, they retain their meaning, imparting valuable life lessons through an inextricably intertwined combination of facts and fiction resonating with our values and traditions. It was a mesmerizing presentation of tales with a strong emphasis on the value of relationships, cooperation, and alliances.

The Chief Guest for the day was Dr. B. Janardhan Reddy, IAS (Retd.) a senior administrator from the State of Telangana, currently serving as Chairman of the Telangana State Public Service Commission. During his stint of 28 years of administrative service, he has served in varied Departments and carved out a niche for himself as a Development Administrator. His esteemed presence was a huge source of inspiration for the students.

On the momentous occasion the CEO, Mr. Ramakrishna Reddy emphasized how The Gaudium School envisions for its students to lead by example and form meaningful connections with their peers, elders, and the environment. The world may witness massive advancements and be prone to constant change, but what remains unchanged is that the human race will always be governed, defined, and distinguished by its values. Thus, the school chose to reinstate the transformational power of human virtues through the Annual day theme- ‘Panchamulya’ fictional retellings of legendary tales.


Some highlights: