Let the Nature be your teacher – William Wordsworth.

With an aim to create a learning experience filled with adventure and joy, The Gaudium school organized a night camp for Geckos of Grade 9 to 11 at an adventure camp site on the outskirts of Hyderabad. The day started with an orientation about the camp site and rules which they had to follow in order to keep themselves safe. There was an immense excitement seen among Geckos while performing various tasks. They had to do mountain climbing, Rappelling, Valley crossing and Zip line. Geckos gained knowledge on these adventurous tasks by active interaction with the instructors. While performing the tasks Geckos showed their strength and courage. They utilized this opportunity to overcome their fears and motivated themselves and others to perform tasks which are beyond their capacity. The enjoyed a night walk in the camp site, during which they mesmerized by rhythmic sounds made by many nocturnal insects. Early morning trek was one most beautiful experience at the camp site. During the camp Geckos learnt the self-management, positive communication and importance of team unity. Senior school facilitators accompanied the Geckos to ensure safety and security.


Some highlights: