A famous mathematician once said, “ Mathematics is the most beautiful and most powerful creation of the human spirit.” Mathematics can be tough sometimes, so can many things in life. Mathematics is the only subject which shows that problems have solutions. Mathematics can be fun, challenging, hands on and applicable in real life. To celebrate the spirit of mathematical learning, experience the joy of the mathematical sphere and to explore various mathematical concepts in a creative manner, Math Day was celebrated in The Gaudium School on Tuesday, 10 December’2019.

Backed by a rigorous planning, the Senior School Math Team successfully conducted a fun-filled celebration of Math that brought forth maximum participation from students. To begin with, a soft board display of mathematical terms, activities and interesting facts about the Math day caused quite a buzz amongst the students at the bus bay. Students were seen challenging themselves with the activity. As they walked to the main building they were greeted by students of senior grades who had puzzles, riddles and tricks for them to solve. The fun didn’t end there; on the third floor of Block-D a game-zone was created by students of grades 6-8. Here the geckos had painstakingly put up different activity corners of puzzles, games and riddles. The excitement was at its peak while the students and teachers alike taxed their mental faculties to get to the solution. The day progressed with inter-tribe competitions. A fun session was held in which students of grades 6-8 competed in rapid fire quiz, math catchphrase quiz, fun with tangrams and crosswords. A discourse on the life and works of the Mathematician S.Ramanujan whose birthday is celebrated as National Math Day enlightened the audience. Students of grades 9-11 also had a lively session in which they had rapid fire and quiz competitions. Students also put up a dance performance and left the audience in splits by presenting mathematical jokes. In the end, they watched a funny video on Mathematics. It was a fun filled and joyful day of learning for the geckos who exhibited unparalleled excitement and actively participated in all activities.


Some highlights: