• Date:09/8/2017
  • Time: 9:30 to 11:30 (40 min session each )
  • Title of the unit: Well being (Preventive measure to stay healthy)
  • Central idea: Individual’s choices can impact their wellbeing.
  • Topic: Healthy diet and life style (Importance of Balanced Diet, How to make healthy choice of diet; and Physical fitness to maintain healthy body)
  • Audience: Grade 1 and Grade 6 to 9

We were honored to have Dr. Anjul Dayal the pediatrician from the Continental hospital to share his medical expertise for the unit of Inquiry on Nutrition and well being.  Today’s generation depends on the convince food as normal diet containing high-sugar and high fats leading to obesity in children aged 2 to 19. Dieticians, Nutritionists and Pediatricians have an important role to teach kids about nutrition and to promote healthy lifestyles. The Gaudium has given an opportunity to Dr. Anjul Dayal to provide nutrition education and discuss the choices for healthy living.  He engaged the geckos of Grade 6 to 9 in actionable, real-life information. It was an interactive session designed to introduce and reinforce healthy eating habits.  He translated science into simple terms and educated the students by bringing them into bidirectional conversation. He spoke on the food options, helped them understand which foods maximize growth and development and minimize children’s genetic risk factors like diabetes, hypertension, and heart attacks related to cholesterol, cancer and obesity that is seen as an epidemic. He spoke at length about eating behavior like “families eating out more than ever than home cooked meals, moreover eating while watching movies , TV,  the onslaught of video games , combined this with the reduction in physical activity in children” that causes children to grow lazy and obese. He advised them to do uninterrupted physical exercise such as swimming, jogging, walking that is right way to work out to burn calories.

His talk on health and hygiene for grade 1 geckos was riveting with power-point presentations that were visually stimulating, organized and creative. He got their attention by giving tips on the nine steps of washing hand. He discussed the various germs that lurk in all places from i-pad, door handles to food. Hence, it is very important to keep environment and self clean.

The session ended by motivating them for a Super kid Medical camp where geckos can win giveaways if they pass the Health check that includes overall well being dental, psychological, and nutritional and milestone achievements of vaccination.

SuperKids Nutrition’s dietitians share this passion and talent, helping to get their audiences quickly on their way to better health and eating habits.


Some key moments: